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Home Security Company Charlotte

The safety of your home and family is the top priority of JSB Security. We are here to protect your home and loved ones from those looking for quick opportunities to steal and damage personal property.

Over 2 million burglaries were reported in 2012 in the U.S. According to the FBI, most of these burglaries included forced entry - you need to have a good security company helping you keep watch over your home, your family and your property!
DO NOT become a statistic.

Monitored Alarm Systems and Energy Management
JSB Security Solutions offers state-of-the-art home monitoring alarm systems and energy management. systems give you online control of the energy consumption inside your home. This control is available through a PC or on a smartphone. With this app you can control your lights, locks and thermostat, allowing you to schedule A/C and Heating usage, thus saving money each month. Watch the video to the right to get a more thorough presentation OR give us a call.

Your Home Security Company in Charlotte
The professionals at JSB Security Solutions have the latest in home security systems - let us help you protect your home and family from lawless intruders and other safety concerns.

We have a large selection of state-of-the-art alarms and home security systems. Being covered by a local security company helps to give you peace of mind.

Nobody can Protect Your Home and Family Like YOU
Nobody can HELP You Like JSB Security

Home Security Company System Options - Charlotte:

  • Home Security Monitoring
  • Alarm and Surveillance
  • Wireless or IP Security Cameras
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Door and Window Monitoring
  • Motion Detectors
  • Keyless Entry

  • Home Security Company Charlotte

    Home Security from JSB Security Solutions

    We offer products from today's leading home safety brands, affordable prices, and the most reliable service available. You can trust JSB Security Solutions to provide you with state-of-the-art home security options that will effectively protect your most precious assets: your family, home, and possessions.

    Remember, ONLY You have the power to protect your home and family from theft, intruders, and other dangerous criminals. JSB Security Solutions can set you on the path to complete home security today. Ready to get started? Call us for a free estimate at: (704) 837-4013.

    JSB Security Solutions Installs State of the Art Security Systems with Energy Management for Residential Homes and Small Businesses in the Greater Charlotte and Greensboro Areas

    CHARLOTTE-WINSTON SALEM NC, January 20, 2014 -- JSB Security Solutions Inc. announces availability of home security systems for monitoring, alarming and now energy management....JSB Security offers installations and service in the Greater Charlotte area including Matthews, Concord, Mint Hill, Winston Salem and Greensboro.

    "With an security system you can now operate not only the safety features of your home, but also energy management," said Jed Barker, Vice President of JSB Security Solutions. "JSB Security customers can control and operate their home security and the consumption of energy with a smartphone. You can have this kind of system management for an affordable price. Give us a call."   - Read the Full Release...