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Home Security Cameras and Alarms - Concord NC

Home Security Cameras and
Alarm Systems - Concord NC

With over 1 million burglaries taking place every year in the U.S.A., having a home security system with cameras and an alarm mechanism can help protect you and your family. According to the FBI, 70% of these burglaries happened at residential properties. Protect yourself and your property.

Home Security Cameras and Alarms - Concord NC
With home security cameras from JSB Security Solutions you can monitor your home and property using live video on your smartphone or PC. Having security cameras installed can also allow you to view recorded video - ask our security specialist how to include this feature in your home security camera system.

Surveillance Cameras and Saved Video Clips
With a security camera system from wireless security cameras can be connected to a remote video recording and storing unit. If a security breach happens, you can easily watch the recorded video clips - this might be helpful to know exactly what happened. You can search by date and time and you can save any surveillance video clips for future use.

We have a large selection of state-of-the-art home security cameras and alarms. You can eliminate many of your safety concerns with a good system installed.

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Home Security Cameras and Alarms - Concord NC

  • Security Cameras and Monitoring
  • Alarming and Surveillance
  • Wireless or IP Security Cameras
  • Door and Window Monitoring
  • Motion Detectors with Alarms
  • Keyless Entry

  • Monitored Alarm Systems and Surveillance
    JSB Security Solutions offers state-of-the-art, 24/7 home security cameras, monitoring and alarm systems. A monitored home alarm system provides comprehensive security and surveillance. Window and door sensors for motion alarm and glass break detectors. We can contact you immediately if there is an alarm signal - we can notify the police, fire or medical authorities to your home.

    Motion Detector Security - Concord NC
    JSB Security also offers a powerful motion detector that can alert you (send an alarm) of suspicious movement inside or outside your home. There are settings to keep the wireless motion sensor from sending false alarms for pets or children, etc.