Providing Award-Winning Home Security Systems

Why Home Automation?

Back in the day it was only in movies that lights could be turned on and doors unlocked at the touch of a wireless button and when someone knocked on the door the person inside could watch them on a screen and talk to them over an intercom. Depending on how far back you go […]

Protecting Your Family from the “Invisible Killer”

What’s something you can’t smell or see and is a danger to you and your family? The Consumer Product Safety Commission describes it as “the ‘invisible killer’ because it’s a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas.” According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) more than 400 accidental deaths are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning […]

Smart Utilities Save Money

Do you feel your income stays the same but your bills get higher and higher? It’s hard to know where to shave a little off in your budget when things get tight. There are some things like your mortgage that really aren’t an option to cut back on to help loosen the budget. Although there […]

Why You Don’t Want an ISP As Your Home Security Provider

In the past, we’ve talked about why you don’t want a huge, multi-service corporation as your security services provider. All the same, we’ve noticed more and more ISPs getting into the alarm systems services business. As far as they’re concerned, a burglar alarm is just another type of communication. Phones, internet, television service, security systems…it’s […]

4 Summer Safety Tips

The kids are starting to chomp at the bit–school is almost out! Here at JSB Security we want you to have a fun, safe summer, so we wanted to offer a few fast safety tips. 1. Plan for the end of the school year. If you have latchkey kids then remember they need somewhere to […]

What’s Your Security Personality?

Today we thought we’d have a little fun. We were thinking about the different people we encounter out in the field every single day, and we thought we’d just break down the four basic security personalities we meet. See if you can identify your security style on this list! The Oblivious Ostrich This person doesn’t […]

Is Your Garage a Security Risk?

Let’s talk about your garage for a moment. Most people don’t think about their garages very much. But you really should, as it represents a security vulnerability on a number of levels. First, think about all the stuff you store in your garage. It’s probably worth quite a bit–particularly if you store your tools there. […]

Don’t Work with a Security Company if You Spot These Red Flags

Recently, we came across a very disturbing article: The 10 Lies a Door-to-Door Alarm Salesman Tells. In it, a former alarm salesperson discusses his typical day. The rep uses tactics that are common to 3rd party dealers: swooping into a neighborhood, talking to homeowners, and claiming that they are just there to give out free […]

Charlotte Woman Scares Off Burglar

A recent Fox News story indicated that a woman managed to run off a home invader by firing multiple shots with her gun. The anonymous woman credits the gun with for saving her life. Everyone at JSB is glad that she is okay. A home invasion is always a frightening, dangerous situation. Her particular home […]

How Often Do Burglars Get Caught?

Burglary is a very lucrative crime, primarily because most burglars never do get caught. There are over 8,000 burglaries in America every day, according to the article “What Burglars Don’t Want You to Know.” The same article reports that less than 15% of all burglars get caught. Is it any wonder that most people never […]