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Are You Making this Common Fire Safety Mistake?

Big garage with gray doors, brick wall and asphalt drivewayMany people overlook a very important part of their home when it comes to fire protection. Maybe you’re one of them.

After all garage is not really part of our home’s mental “space,” even though we use it.

Still, you should give a lot of thought to your garage right now.

What’s In Your Garage?

Most people have flammable items in their garage. Think about what you might be storing in there right now?

Gas. Firewood. Oil.

Your car and lawnmower–both capable of starting fires.

Do you use your garage as extra storage? Then old furniture (often wooden) and paper are probably somewhere in the mix, too.

How about your water heater? With its pilot light?

As you can see, the garage is full of hazards.

Look above your garage.

What is directly above your garage?

A child’s bedroom? A home office? The playroom?

Who is likely to be in that room if a fire starts in the garage? How fast do they need to get out to avoid getting cut off from every possible escape route?

Remember, your primary smoke detector, even your hardwired smoke and heat detector, is usually only picking up on trouble inside of the home. That means it won’t necessarily alert you or your family until the fire has already spread to the living space.

How to Protect Your Garage

Obviously you can’t put a smoke detector inside of the garage. The environment is too touchy, just as it is inside of your attic.

But you can put a hardwired, monitored heat detector inside of your attic.

A heat detector only responds to the temperatures associated with fires, so it won’t offer a false alarm on a hot day. It will alert your family to the presence of danger, however, so that they can get out of the house quickly while the fire department arrives.

With luck, the fire department will respond quickly enough to keep the fire from spreading much farther than the garage, reducing the amount of damage that your home and property take overall.

Are you ready to give your home the kind of protection it deserves? If you live in the Charlotte, NC area call us today. We’re offering up to $1300 in free equipment right now, so there’s never been a better time to invest in the safety of your home.


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