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How to Keep Thieves Out of Your Car

car-break-inWe talk a lot about how to keep your home and family safe from thieves. But thieves target cars, too.

Sometimes they do it when your car is sitting in your driveway at home, too.

So we wanted to take a little time to talk to you about how to protect yourself against this kind of theft as well. After all, you can feel just as violated when someone smashes your car windows to steal things as you can when someone breaks into your home.

And at JSB Security, our focus is keeping you safe in all sorts of situations.

Put your car in the garage.

People tend to use their garage for all sorts of things. The most common use of the garage is as an extra storage room.

Sooner or later “storage room” turns into “junk room,” and you have nowhere to put your car.

However, there’s no doubt that putting your car in a locked garage puts it out of sight, out of mind, and out of reach for thieves. It also trips thieves up a bit since they can’t always tell if you’re home or not by looking in the driveway.

So have a garage sale, and put your car back inside.

Of course, you may also have a multiple-car family. The garage may only be an option for one of them. And your car doesn’t sit in the garage all day, either. So keep reading, cause we’re not done yet.

Keep your windows up.

Keeping your windows up won’t stop a dedicated thief from making a smash-and-grab, but it’ll eliminate casual theft opportunities. Even someone who does not steal habitually might just be tempted to commit a crime of opportunity if you leave something right there for them to grab, especially if it’s something valuable.

Keep it locked…even if you’ll only be gone for a minute.

You’d think this goes without saying. But people forget to lock their cars all the time, especially if they’re only going to be gone “a minute.”

This typically happens at convenience stores and gas stations. But the five minutes you spend buying gum and gas could give a thief all the time he needs to steal something from your car. After all, the gas station patrons can’t tell the difference between you opening your own car door to grab something and some random stranger off the street doing the same thing.

A good thief will always act in a way that makes people believe he’s simply reaching into his own car.

Install motion lighting.

Motion lighting is something we’ve discussed before. It’s good for your house, but it’s also good for keeping your car safe.

Imagine it: a thief makes a move on your car, sitting in the driveway. The motion lights flood over the car. You now know someone is in the driveway, and the thief now knows there’s a good chance someone is going to see what he’s up to.

He goes away, and he finds an easier target.

Pick up your things.

Out-of-sight, out-of-mind works for things that thieves might target, too. Make sure you scoop up your purse, cell phone, mp3 player and any other valuable whenever you leave the car. Just went shopping? Put it all in the trunk.

Use anti-theft devices.

Sometimes, the thieves aren’t going for the small targets. They’re going for the much bigger target: the car itself.

They may settle for the small targets only after realizing they don’t have enough time for anything else.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t dissuade them from touching your car altogether by installing and using anti-theft devices. In your car, as in your home, alarms and heavier locks (such as The Club) can make all the difference.

We don’t install anti-theft devices for cars. However, we do endorse car theft safety as a part of a total home safety plan, a plan which begins with a monitored home alarm system. If you live in the Charlotte, NC area give us a call today for a free estimate. We’ll give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re doing all you can do to keep your home and family safe.


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