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Why Guns Are Not the Best Protection for Your Home and Family

Gun can't defend home.Sometimes when we are out in the field we hear people say things like, “I don’t need a home security system. I have a gun.”

There’s certainly nothing wrong with owning a gun. They are useful tools. But they are not a good choice for first-resort home defense.

Guns can’t fire if you’re not there to fire them.

So you’ve got a gun, sitting in a safe at home in your bedroom. That’s wonderful if the burglar comes in while you are at home in your bedroom.

But what about when you’re at work? What about when you’re gone for the weekend? What about this summer, when you plan on being gone for a week or more?

That gun cannot fire itself.

Using a gun can have unintended consequences.

Let’s say the criminal does arrive while you are home. Do you really want a shoot-out to be your first and only line of defense?

Remember, it’s not like the movies. Bullets can ricochet and hit your family members, for example. How would you feel if you actually harmed your spouse or children while trying to defend your home?

What about legal consequences? You kill a man and think it’s a clear-cut case of self-defense. Are you sure the law will agree?

Perhaps you don’t kill the burglar at all. Perhaps you only wound or injure the burglar. You’re off Scott free, right?

Wrong. You’ve just opened yourself up to civil suits. Just check out this story of a burglar who sued a 90 year old homeowner for returning fire on him.

The burglar didn’t win the suit, but that’s hardly the point. Who wants to get dragged through the courts, find a lawyer, pay that lawyer’s retainer, and take all the time? And all this after being burglarized by someone else in the first place?

Besides, the court system can be fickle. Much depends on the individual lawyer, jury, and judge. This person won. Will you?

Having a gun in the house actually makes you a target for thieves.

Guns are a prize for burglars. So if they know you have one then your house is a target.

Some homeowners make sure people know they have guns by posting up warning signs. Other homeowners leave other clues, such as the gun safe box left out at the curb on garbage day.

Having a gun increases your risk, so you’d best have some other line of defense if you want to include a gun in your security plan.

Make guns your last resort, not your first.

An alarm system deters criminals, calls the police for you if there is a problem, gives you time to get out of the home in the event that there is trouble and relieves you of the need to “stand your ground.”

You still have the gun if you really need it, but you can make the decision to use it as a last resort. Doesn’t it make more sense to have as much protection as possible?

If you live in the Charlotte, NC area and you’d like real protection, call JSB Security. We’ll give you a free quote on an alarm system which can serve as your first line of defense.


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