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Landscaping for the Security-Conscious Homeowner

landscape-securitySpring is finally here, and that means plenty of homeowners will be turning their attention to gardening and landscaping. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to turn the home more comfortable and livable.

However, there are some security concerns that you should be aware of as you plan your landscaping. If you’re not aware of these then they could undermine your attempts to protect your home and family.

How Will Your Home Look from the Street?

You might be tempted to use plants and landscaping features to turn your home into a hidden glen, totally private and hidden from both the neighbors and the street.

We totally get the desire for more privacy. But obstructing your home’s ability to be seen from the street is a good way to hang out a welcome sign for burglars. This means that there is absolutely no chance that a neighbor or a passing car will see anything. You are literally giving burglars all the time they need to plan their best entry into your home.

Prickly shrubs are your friends!

While you’re choosing trees, shrubs, and plants don’t forget to plan some prickly shrubs or hedges for your first floor windows. These plants can be an excellent deterrent.

They can be pretty too–a rosebush is a thorny shrub, after all. They make your home look classy and beautiful, but no burglar wants to stand in them to mess with your windows.

Be careful with your trees.

There are a lot of things to consider when you plant trees. Do they want full sun or partial shade? Will their root systems kill every other plant in your yard?

We hate to add one more concern, but we’ve got one. “Will this tree grow to give burglars access to your second story windows?”

A good tree is as good as a ladder to an intruder. Make sure you plant them far from your windows. You might also make sure the trees are of some prickly or thorny variety that is unpleasant or difficult to climb, just to offer an additional obstacle.

Maintain that yard!

We know that you’re probably not going through all of the trouble to make your yard beautiful only to let it fall into disrepair. But some people do.

And it’s worth saying that burglars like the look of a messy, ill-kept yard. It says the people inside the home don’t care, and it says that they’re too busy or distracted to be as vigilant as they should be.

Make sure that the landscape that you create matches your lifestyle. If you’ve only got time to water the yard each weekend then don’t choose a landscape that is going to require your constant care and attention.

Of course, the state of your yard won’t matter very much if you aren’t observing the basics of home security. Do you have a home security system yet? If you don’t and you live in the Charlotte, NC area contact JSB Security today for a free quote. We’ll get you protected, just in time for the warmer months.


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