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How to Stay Safe When You Live Alone

Woman sitting on floor at home doing yoga meditationMillions of Americans live alone. If you’re one of them, you have some unique safety and security concerns that you might not have thought about.

If you take an injury there’s nobody to call an ambulance for you. Home invaders and burglars are less likely to treat your home as “occupied”–you’re only one person, and they may consider you easy to overpower. People are less likely to know where you are and where you should be.

However, there are plenty of ways to stay safe without sacrificing your independence.

Check in with someone.

You aren’t sacrificing your independence by telling someone when you’ll be out of town or by putting in a phone call to them once a week. You’re making sure that someone has a chance to catch the problem if you are incapacitated in some way so that you can get the help you need fast enough.

If you find this embarrassing or even juvenile try partnering up with another single person, who can use this safety precaution as much as you can.

Don’t advertise.

These days we suffer from an “overshare society.” We tend to put it all out there, and we don’t tend to think very much about the unscrupulous individuals who might use that information against us.

If you’re listed in the phone book choose to be listed by first initial, last name. Do this with your mailbox as well.This is especially important for women who live alone.

Don’t talk about your “home alone” status on Facebook or Twitter, either. You may think you’re only broadcasting this information to your “friends,” but it has a tendency to get out.

Take a “loose lips sink ships” philosophy. Your closest family and friends of course know that you live alone, but the Internet at large does not need that information.

Put technology on your side.

Monitored home security systems put an entire monitoring system at your back. They put panic buttons at your fingertips if you need help.

But don’t stop with monitored burglar alarms. A monitored smoke-and-heat detector ensure that there’s someone there to call the fire department, so you can focus on getting out of the home safely.

And medical monitoring is not just an “old person” device. It’s important for anyone who has any kind of chronic health condition. Do you have diabetes? Heart problems? Any other condition that needs persistent care and which can spiral out of control very quickly? Medical monitoring could save your life if you live home alone.

Even if you don’t have any specific condition remember that a tumble down the stairs can be a major event even for a young, healthy person.

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