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Charlotte Study Says Alarm Systems Matter

charlotte-studyThere are a lot of uninformed people out there who claim that a burglar alarm has absolutely no effect on whether or not a burglar targets a home. However, a recent study from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte says otherwise.

The researchers examined the decision making process of 422 randomly selected, incarcerated male and female burglars to try to determine what makes them pick a home–and what makes them take a pass on that home. They chose seasoned offenders to ensure that they got career burglars, and not just opportunists.

Here were some interesting facts from the study.

  • 92% of burglars won’t even try to disable an alarm.
  • 90% of burglars say that the mere presence of an alarm inspires them to seek different targets.
  • Other methods had a chance to deter a burglar, but alarms had the greatest chance of keeping a burglar off the premises.

So now you have it, out of the mouths of the burglars themselves. If you want to keep burglars off your property, get a monitored alarm system!

Furthermore, other studies indicate that you’re actually acting like a type of “good Samaritan” by getting an alarm system. The Digital Journal mentioned a 2009 Rutgers University indicates that neighborhoods with “more densely installed” security systems have fewer incidences of burglary overall. It’s as if the prospective burglar comes into the neighborhood, cases it, sees a solid wall of alarm signs and decides that he can find a different neighborhood to target.

We’ve already explained how affordable alarm systems are, especially in light of the fact that JSB Security offers up to $1300 in free equipment. Is there any reason to talk yourself out of installing one again?

If you’re ready to give your home and family the protection they deserve and you live in the Charlotte, NC area, contact JSB Security today. We’ll give you a free home security audit which will help you find out how to make your home less of a target.


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