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Does a Home Security System Cost Too Much?

home_security_costsHave you resisted the idea of outfitting your home with a security system simply because you are concerned about the costs?

We understand. We always want to get the best possible value for our money, too. That’s why we wanted to take a few moments to really explain how much a security system ultimately costs our homeowners.

The Price of a Pizza

Most of the cost of a home security system is locked up in the monthly monitoring contract. Much can depend on the equipment that you choose, of course, but monthly monitoring is the long-term commitment.

And the fact is, the monthly monitoring investment doesn’t cost much more than the cost of your average pizza delivery. And while a delivered pizza may save you from the drudgery of a night at your stove, it cannot protect your home and family.

Discounts on Homeowner’s Insurance

Did you know that you are entitled to a significant discount on your homeowner’s insurance after installing a monitored home security system?

In fact, when we install the system we give you a certificate which you can pass on to your homeowner’s insurance agent. In many cases, the discounts actually end up paying for the monthly monitoring.

The cost of lost property.

The average dollar amount of property stolen in each burglary amounts to $1244, according to FBI statistics. And a burglar who has been successful once is quite likely to come back, which means that you stand to lose roughly $2488 in any burglary event.

That means you’re likely to pay four times as much for your lost property. And if your homeowner’s insurance writes the claim check (often after a long and lengthy battle) they’re likely to take it back out of your hide by increasing your insurance premiums.

The Mental and Emotional Cost of Burglaries

Becoming the victim of a burglar can severely impact your ability to feel comfortable and safe in your home.

In interviews with 68 burglary victims, Corder found that half described the experience as feeling “like a violation or rape.” The rape metaphor, used even by some men, may sound melodramatic. But for the study’s middle-class subjects, most previously untouched by crime, the fact that a stranger violated the sanctity of their abode was unnerving.

The feelings of violation led several women to wash all of their clothes after a burglar had rummaged through them. One laundered everything three times. And in a third of adults, sleeplessness and anxiety lingered four or more months after the break-in.

Psychology Today

We were especially touched by the Psychology Today article’s depiction of the child who wanted to hide his toys before school every day because he was afraid the burglar would come after them.

We can’t put a number on your peace of mind. But we’re willing to bet that you place a high value on the feeling that your home is your “safe place.”

When you take these four factors into account one thing quickly becomes abundantly clear. You can’t afford not to have a home security system.

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