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The Biggest Benefit of Wireless Security Systems

Home SecurityOne of the bigger decisions that you’ll make when you invest in a home security system is whether or not you’re going to invest in a wireless system or a wired system. Both have their pros and cons, but this week we wanted to talk about a pretty big wireless system “pro.”

That advantage is the wireless system’s ability to cover your windows.

Let’s talk about how your system knows that a window or a door has been compromised. The alarm installer places two magnets in or on the doors and, sometimes, the windows. One goes on the frame and one goes on the door or window itself. These are called “contacts.”

When the contacts are together all is well. When the door or window is open, however, the contacts are separated, and the alarm system knows that something has happened.

When the system isn’t armed it just lets out a little chirp to indicate that it knows the door or window has been opened. Some parents really love this chirp too because it lets them know when the kids have run outside!

When the system is armed the alarm starts going off.

When you go with a wired system those contacts have to be hardwired into the windows. Now some homes are pre-wired to allow this. That means that the wiring is already in place and the installer doesn’t need to do much more than pop on the contact and go.

This is really rare, however. Most homes are not wired for contacts. And the only way to wire them in there is to start drilling into your walls and running wire. Often it’s not even possible to do it.

But the contacts on a wireless system are exterior. They’re simply screwed on to the doors and the windows. You can cover every window in the house that way.

That’s really ideal. A glass break can tell you if the glass is broken but not if the window opens. (You want a glass break or motion detector even if you do have contacts, because obviously the contacts don’t necessarily go off if the window shatters). When you have both contacts and a glass break or motion detector you have the absolute best security coverage for your home.

Hey, any system is better than nothing, but it’s always better to get more coverage if you can get it. Having to change out the batteries on the contacts periodically just isn’t a big deal when you think about those benefits.

Your security installer will have no problems telling whether or not your home has been pre-wired for security. If you’re not sure, just ask him! Our sales reps can usually tell as well. Then you can make an informed decision about your home security needs.

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