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Keeping Latch Key Kids Safe with After School Routines

Latchkey KidIt can be nerve wracking when your kids are “home alone.” However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. You can keep your kids safe by training them on an after-school routines.

Routines are helpful because they turn important safety tasks into a matter of habit. This means that kids are less likely to forget them.

And a really good routine can start with your home alarm system.

Make sure your children are fully trained on the alarm system.

Training on an alarm system is about more than teaching your kids the disarming code. You need to make sure that they understand what happens when the alarm goes off.

In short, the signal is sent to the monitoring system. The monitoring system calls the number that you give us when you install the alarm. If someone doesn’t pick up and give the password then the monitoring center calls the police.

If your kids will be manning the phone that’s attached to that password, they need to know it.

The system should also be fully armed while your kids are alone in the home. Make sure that this is the second thing that they do, right after disarming it to get inside of the home.

Have a procedure for your kids to follow if the alarm goes out. Should they slip out and go to a neighbor’s home? Hide in your designated panic room? Advance practice and planning gives kids more confidence and prevents them from making mistakes in the heat of the moment.

Check in with Mom or Dad.

It’s important for you to know that your kids made it home safety. Calling or texting a parent is the next thing that a child should do.

Of course, this process can be automated if you wish. Our home security cameras will send a photo and a text alert to your phone the moment your kids get home, for example.

As a side note you might want to think about smart locks while you’re installing security cameras. It’s way easier for kids to remember a lock code than it is for them to take care of a key. Lost or stolen keys are a safety risk and can be a bit much for kids to try to keep up with during a more hectic school day.

Chores and Homework!

You can add almost anything you want to the routine to create a successful “latchkey” strategy. Chores and homework are pretty common! 😀

But it’s a good idea to outline the rules. If the rule is “no television or internet” before homework, for example, then it’s a good idea to set those expectations and stick to them. It just makes life a little easier!

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