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What You Need to Know About Diversion Safes

diversion_safeRemember when we told you about the Top 5 items that burglars are likely to target and steal in the typical home? Jewelry weighed in at number two, so we thought it deserved some special consideration.

After all, you can deal with the cash problem simply by making a commitment to carry your cash with you. But jewelry is a little bit more complicated.

This is where the diversion safe comes in. A diversion safe is a safe meant to look like a common household item. It protects your valuables by hiding them in plain sight.

Criminals use them too.

You can’t rely on a diversion safe alone, because criminals do know they exist. The FBI trains law enforcement officials to look for them because criminals like to use them to hide contraband.

Don’t think that you can drop $20 on a cheap diversion safe and avert tragedy. It’s not going to work.

Some are better than others.

Diversion safes are generally effective only because criminals do quick in-and-out style burglaries. They don’t do focused searches.

They do a quick sweep around the room, steal what looks valuable, and leave.

So you want to get a safe that is out of their way, and which requires some special attention to actually open. That’s why we kind of like the wall socket safe. It’s out of the way, it can’t be grabbed, and a criminal would have to be crazy to go unscrewing every outlet in the house in the hopes of locating one of them.

The worst one is probably the wall clock safe or any of the food safes. The food safes look like a kid’s play food, and the wall clock is more than obvious. Don’t waste your money.

They don’t protect everything else.

Once again, security is all about layers. A burglar can’t find your heirloom jewelry?

No problem. He can still swipe your laptop.

Unless, of course, a shrieking alarm system tells him that the police are on the way, forcing him to flee or be caught. Better yet, his knowledge that you have an alarm system tells him to go seek his fortunes at someone else’s house.

So go on, buy that diversion safe. If you live in the Charlotte, NC area, though, call JSB security when you’re finished doing that.


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