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5 Reasons Why Webcam Surveillance is a Bad Idea

webcam_surveillanceIf you type the words “webcam surveillance” into Google you will find dozens of articles that will tell you how to turn a common webcam into a “surveillance system” for your home. It’s enough to make anyone feel both very cool and very clever–saving a buck and outwitting criminals!

Sadly, making you feel cool and clever is about all these tutorials are good for. A webcam is a terrible way to protect your home, and here are 5 reasons why.

1. Criminals can just take the computer.

Office equipment is one of the top 5 items that criminals go for. So here you are, recording the criminal on your webcam, sure that you’re going to have lots of awesome footage to turn over to the police.

Sadly, all that awesome footage goes out the door with the bad guy, especially if your primary computer is a laptop. It’s not only an easy item for him to take but the presence of a webcam assures him that he’d better take it just to keep himself safe. After all, you might be one of the millions of people who is attempting to use a webcam for home security.

Remember, burglars can use Google too, and they’re already well aware of this trick.

2. A webcam does not offer broad coverage of your home.

Typically a webcam has a very narrow range of vision. It only looks straight ahead, and it’s usually only meant to capture the face of someone sitting right at the computer.

This means that there are plenty of rooms that aren’t seeing any coverage at all, and there is plenty of footage that the webcam just won’t pick up.

By contrast, our wireless security cameras and image sensors can be hidden and deployed all over the house, capturing footage from multiple angles using lenses that are meant to pick up a wide range of space and motion.

3. Webcams can be hacked and turned against you.

Admittedly, most criminals are not computer geniuses. But most homeowners aren’t exactly deploying corporate levels of network security, either.

A burglar who knows what he is doing could get into your system and use it to check on the status of your home. Are you home? What’s in your house? What are you doing when you’re home alone?

Why hand a burglar an easy way to invade your privacy by keeping your webcam on and active all the time?

4. Webcams are passive.

You are probably not going to be able to monitor your webcam from work all day long, even with programs like Skype. Even if you can, human nature says that you’ll probably do so for about a week before you decide that nothing happens at home, all is well, and you can leave your web cam to monitor things without you.

Even if you do keep “monitoring” your webcam from afar you’ve got a whole day to do. Your job will require you to answer phones, go to meetings, wait on customers, type reports or whatever else you have to do during the course of your day. The chances of you happening to look up and catch a crime in progress are pretty slim.

By contrast, our cameras send alerts straight to your phone, which means you will certainly know that something is up. You’ll be able to respond…and you’ve got the evidence, even if the burglar finds and destroys or finds and snatches every camera in your home. And you’ll be able to call the police to let them know there is a burglary in process.

5. Webcam “security” offers no back up.

We usually recommend using a home surveillance system in conjunction with a monitored alarm system. That means that the criminal is getting caught in the act and someone else is calling the police for you shortly after the unauthorized visitor steps foot inside of your house.

This means even if your phone is off someone is taking care of you and your home. A DIY webcam set-up can’t achieve that for you. All it can do is sit there.

Home security is the wrong place to pinch pennies.

Home security isn’t that expensive to begin with. Most families spend more on ordering pizza each month. So it doesn’t make sense to jury rig a DIY system in the hopes of saving a few pennies.

After all, a pizza doesn’t protect your home and family, but a home security system does.

Don’t rely on so-called internet “experts.” If you live in the Charlotte, NC area, call the real experts. We’ll talk to you about where and how you might place your new security cameras and what kind of protection you can expect from them.

Then, you can save your webcam for talking to friends and family members who live far away.


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