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The Top 5 Items Taken in Home Burglaries

Top5StolenItemsBurglars tend to target the same items again and again whenever they break into a home. We wanted to take a bit of time to walk you through these items.

After all, these are the items you are putting at risk if you choose not to secure your home.

These figures come from FBI reports.

1. Cash

It’s no surprise that cash is right at the top of a burglar’s wish list. If you’ve got cash laying around when someone breaks into your home that’s obviously the first thing the criminal is going to go for.

You should probably keep all of your cash on your person. Take it with you when you leave the house–don’t leave it on your dresser or even in a drawer. Chances are, it will be found.

Approximately $1,114,798,222 in cash is stolen from homes every year. Less than 3% of the money is ever recovered. That isn’t particularly surprising, since it’s awfully hard to prove where cash came from.

2. Jewelry and Precious Metals

Jewelry and precious metals aren’t exactly surprising either. These objects are easy to walk away with and easy to resell.

The total dollar amount of the jewelry that’s stolen every year is $1,884,197,755. Only 4% of this jewelry is ever recovered. If you have heirloom pieces that a check from the insurance company can’t replace then it is in danger if your home is not secured.

3. Clothing and Furs

This was one category that we found a little bit surprising, until we thought about the high value of nearly new designer labels. A criminal can get rid of those sorts of clothes on Ebay over the course of an afternoon.

The cash value of all of the clothing and furs stolen each year totals up to $283,544,521. The recovery rate on these items is slightly better than average, coming out at 12%. That’s still not a very big number.

4. Office Equipment

This category wasn’t surprising at all. Computers, printers, fax machines–your home office is a tempting target. A criminal can swipe thousands of dollars of equipment from a desk in a matter of moments, and then be right back out the door.

Office equipment accounts for $687,150,488 in stolen goods each year. Law enforcement only recovers just under 6% of this property.

5. TVs, Radios, Stereos, and Game Consoles

TVs are often the first item that we think of when we think about stolen property, but they’re only #5 on the “burglar’s wish list.”

Still, thieves make off with a lot of cash value whenever they dip into this category: $756,448,834 is stolen every year. Police only recover just under 5% of this type of property.

Burglars like easy opportunities.

All of these items have something in common. They’re easy to grab, so the burglar can get in the home and out of the home very quickly. They’re easy to carry and they’re easy to sell.

You see, burglars like easy. Theirs is a high-risk profession, so they tend to travel the path of least resistance.

So if you want to keep your property, don’t make things easy on criminals. Be tough! IF you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area just call JSB today. We’ll help you install a brand new alarm system that will keep your property where it belongs: safe and sound in your own home.


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