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Was South Charlotte Murder a Home Invasion?

SouthCharlotteMurderNeighbors of an 82 year old woman in South Charlotte are concerned that the murder may have been a result of a home invasion, according to NBC. Nobody knows for sure whether it was or not. The police say only that the murder was done with a deadly weapon.

One thing that leaps out at us as we watch the news reports is the statement made by the neighbors: “This is a safe community.” It just goes to show that relying on a community’s past history to determine whether or not you need a burglar alarm is typically a pretty bad idea.

FBI statistics show that one home is invaded in America every nine minutes. A home invasion is distinct from a burglary because a burglary happens when nobody is home, whereas a home invasion happens when someone is in the house.

Because home invaders are often armed they don’t care if anyone is home or not. These are some of the deadliest and most dangerous crimes and they happen every single day.

Officer Craig Allen of the Charlotte-Mecklenberg police department was interviewed in an America Now News story about surviving home invasions. He blatantly told people to get a monitored home alarm system, though mentioned that they don’t always help.

Not because the system fails, but because homeowners neglect to turn them on!

We can’t stress enough that it’s important to use your system as intended.

However, we can make things a little bit easier for you, too. When you get your home security system you might consider adding a 2 Gig Wireless Key Remote. This will allow you to arm and disarm your system at the touch of a button, much like you’d lock and unlock your car, making your security system a lot easier to manage.

Whatever or whomever comes into your home, we want you to survive it. This means having a plan for alerting the police, for getting yourself and your family out of the house if you can, and designating a place of safety in your home if you can’t.

Don’t put it off another day. Crime doesn’t care who you are, what you do, or whether you were a nice person. It can happen to you, and if it does, you will want to be prepared.


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