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Does Living in a Gated Community Protect You from Crime?

gated-communitySometimes when we talk to homeowners they express to us that they do not want to invest in a monitored home security system because they live in a gated community. They believe that this keeps them 100% safe from crime.

However, studies have shown that the gate just makes you think that you’re safer. Just check out this Wall Street Journal column.

Numerous studies over the years have shown that security in gated communities is more a matter of perception than reality. For instance, in 2005, the Orlando Sentinel looked at sheriff’s reports over a four-year period on 1400 Florida homes in both gated and ungated communities that were similar in price and location. The newspaper found nearly identical rates of burglaries and stolen cars in each…

The gates weren’t much of a deterrent because they were often easy to get around or were left unlocked; and burglaries and thefts occurred even in communities where gates were manned. In some cases, access codes were widely known because regulars regularly gave them to guests and workers who cut lawns, killed pests, walked dogs, cleaned houses and delivered pizzas.

This may come as a blow if you spent extra cash to live in a gated community, but as you can see they simply don’t do much to protect you.

If your gated community does observe proper security procedures, that’s great! But again, sometimes burglary is an inside job, and security is all about adding layers of protection. You were willing to pay higher homeowner’s association fees to live in a gated community, so why wouldn’t you pay the comparatively low price for a monitored alarm system, too?

Charlotte is a high crime area. If you live here with us then you should call us to find out more about how we can protect your home and family.


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