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The Surprising Point When You Need an Alarm System the Most

alarm-systemOne of the most surprising objections that we sometimes hear in the alarm business comes from people who are now very familiar with the pain and loss that a break-in can cause. That’s because they’ve already been robbed.

And so they say, We don’t need an alarm system. We’ve already had a break in.

Actually, that is exactly the time that any homeowner needs to install a brand new monitored alarm system–and quickly!

Though people who offer this objection are working on the theory that “lightning doesn’t strike twice,” nothing can be further from the truth. Burglars often come back a second time.

After all, why wouldn’t they? They already know the layout of your home. They already know which valuables they missed on their first attempt. Most burglars don’t stick around to clean everything out, after all. They’re in and out pretty quickly.

Police estimate that the likelihood of a repeat incident is as much as twelve times the normal burglary rate for at least one month after the initial crime. Those are not good odds for avoiding another incident.

Next time, you or your children could be in the house. This is not just a matter of losing additional stuff…it’s a matter of protecting your family’s life.

If you do install a new security system you shouldn’t just stop at a monitored alarm. While that’s sure to give the criminal a surprise and may even chase him off, it may not help police catch the guy as quickly as you might like.

So think about installing a home surveillance system as well. If your video equipment can snap a photo for the police you might even recover your original lost property after the criminal is caught and found.

Of course, if you’ve never had a burglary you certainly don’t want to wait for lightning to strike the first time. If you live in Charlotte, NC then why not reach out to us to get the monitored alarm system and video monitoring equipment that will protect your home? It’s less expensive than you probably think it is, and you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home is safe.


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