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What is a Panic Room?

safe roomThe 2002 movie Panic Room depicted a panic room or a safe room as a kind of high-tech hideaway that only the ultra-rich can afford.

But a real panic room is quite a bit simpler. And you can build one yourself with a little bit of money and a little bit of forethought.

A good panic room has three elements:

  • It puts barriers between you and a home invader, slowing them down and making it difficult or impossible to get to you before help arrives.
  • It offers you a quick, efficient way to communicate with emergency personnel.
  • It offers you some shelter in case the maniac starts firing.

The first step is to choose your room. The best rooms are on upper floors. If you can’t get a room on an upper floor a window with a thorny hedge beneath it will do just fine, but you might want to fortify that window with an anti-glassbreak window film.

The window film is pretty cheap, and we actually recommend that everyone invests in it for all windows in the home.

Next, you’re going to want to make sure you have a way to communicate. One way is to make your panic room the room that a second alarm system keypad is already located in. That way you can just hit the panic button and wait.

Next, you’re going to want to make sure it’s difficult to get through the door. You can do this by adding a steel core door (those are great for the exterior of your home, too), a deadbolt, and a chain lock. This will make it very hard for the home invader to simply kick down your panic room door to get to you.

Finally, it helps if you have a good big closet in your panic room, or plenty of furniture that you can crouch behind. This will offer you some shelter if the fellow starts shooting.

Of course, none of this helps if you haven’t trained your family to retreat to the panic room the moment there seems to be trouble. So make sure that you add the use of the room to the overall emergency plan.

Still, you can see that these rooms aren’t very expensive at all! And if you live in a high-crime area (and just about all of Charlotte is a high-crime area) then fortifying a single room like this is a very good investment.

Do you need help installing the alarm system and second keypad that this room set-up depends on? Call us today and we’ll talk about how we can help you protect your home and family.


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