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6 Ways You’re Making Your Home a Target

home-a-targetBurglars don’t choose their targets randomly. They look for very specific signs that your home might be a good target.

You can decrease the chances of being robbed just by addressing these 6 issues.

1. You leave your garage door wide open.

Most people keep a lot of stuff in their garage, which means leaving your garage door open is like giving burglars a sneak preview of the kinds of goodies they’re going to find inside.

Even if you don’t keep any items in your garage you’re still making it easier for burglars. We’ve seen people leave their garage doors open even when they’re not at home.

This means the burglar can step inside of your garage, close it behind him, and get to work on your garage entry door for as long as he likes, with no fear that anybody will see him at all.

And of course, if you don’t put your car in your garage and close it on a regular basis then it is all too easy for anyone to tell when you are not home.

2. You make it easy to tell when you are away.

When you leave the house you turn off all of the lights, and the television. If you leave for extended periods of time you don’t bother to ask anyone to pick up your paper or your mail then you’re advertising yourself as an easy target.

And, of course, you’re making a huge mistake if you keep telling people that you’re not at home on your social media accounts.

You can get a neighbor to check your mail and grab your papers while you’re away. And you can use the Plug-In Z-Wave lamp module to turn lights off and on.

3. You leave stuff all over the yard.

Leaving ladders and tools in your yard is a good way to give burglars more ways to get into your home. But don’t be cavalier about children’s toys, either.

The quality of your kid’s outdoor toys can tell the burglar a lot about the quality of the “merchandise” inside of your home, too. If you can afford for your kid to have one of those battery operated sidewalk cars, for example, what else can you afford?

4. You aren’t checking your home after contractors leave.

There’s a common scenario where a repair guy who moonlights as a burglar asks to use your bathroom. He goes in, unlocks the bathroom window to make it easier on himself later, and leaves.

Unless you have contacts on your bathroom window this burglar could get in and out with ease. So tighten up on window security. Use screw-type window locks and check every window after the repair guy is gone.

Remember, burglars are often people we think we know.

5. You make it too easy to look in your windows.

Every burglar wants a look at what’s going on inside of your home before he gets inside. If you’re leaving the blinds wide open at night then you’re providing a tempting invitation.

Of course, it’s easy to look in the windows in the daytime, too, if you let yourself get close enough to them.

So think about planning thorny hedges around your windows so that nobody can step close and peek in. Remember, it’s all about layers, and this is an attractive and easy layer to add.

6. You don’t have or use an alarm system.

An alarm system is one of the best ways to keep bad guys out of your home. If you have one, be sure you set it every time you leave the house.

If you don’t have one, it’s time to get one! If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, call us! We’re ready to protect your home and family from unscrupulous criminals who want to violate the sanctity of your home. Call now!


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