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Safety Tip: Don’t Open Your Door

Home InvaderThe doorbell rings and you’re not expecting anyone. It’s not a package delivery truck and it’s not a police officer.

It’s not someone you know.

Do you answer it?

Many people feel as though they have to. Politeness or simple curiosity drive them to the door–even though often, the person at the door is little more than an annoyance. It’s often a door-to-door sales representative or someone with a flier that they want you to read.

Sometimes, the person at the door is a lot more dangerous.

Knocking on the door is a common tactic for home invaders. Once you unlock the door it’s easy for many home invaders to push their way inside, especially if they’re armed.

When you’re at home you’re usually a little bit off your guard. You feel safe. Even while opening the door.

So don’t. If you look through your window or peephole and don’t see someone with legitimate business in your home then don’t answer the door.

Sure, it’s possible you could lose the deal of the century, or some really awesome product you’ve never heard about before. But it’s probably just as likely that you can learn about just about anything you want to buy online (like you’re learning about our security systems, right now).

Charlotte is not a low-crime area. There aren’t any neighborhoods that could be classified as 100% safe.

So protect yourself. At the very least, ask for the person on the other side to identify themselves.

By the way, if someone claims to come to your door from JSB you can always log on to our website to check them out. Ask for their ID numbers, log on to our website and plug it in. If it’s a tech or a sales representative you’ll know, and you can feel free to let them in to talk about home security. 🙂

As an additional precaution it doesn’t hurt to add an intercom system to your door so you can speak to people without opening it. But a chain lock will often do as well, allowing you to crack the door long enough to verify information without putting yourself too greatly at risk.

We don’t want to foster paranoia, but it’s a dangerous world out there.

Of course, if you do prove to be wrong about the person at your door, having an alarm system keypad right there could be a lifesaver. Just hit the panic button!

If you’re ready to add that kind of security measure to your home, call us today and schedule an appointment.


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