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Building a New Home? Don’t Forget to Pre-Wire

security-prewireMost people buy homes that someone else has built. But occasionally we meet people who are building their homes from the ground up.

There are quite a few custom home builders operating in the Charlotte, NC area. There are plenty of great opportunities to build a home exactly the way you want it if you have the land and the means to do so.

And if you do, don’t forget a very important step: security pre-wiring.

Pre-wiring allows you to build many more security options into your home than you’d otherwise have. For example, in most homes we can’t put contacts on the windows unless you get a wireless system. That means if you have a wired system and someone can open your windows, they can get inside.

Many people still prefer wired systems because they don’t have to change the batteries in the contacts.

If you take the time to pre-wire your home, however, you can have contact wiring built into every window. That means it’s simple for a security systems installer to come in and place contacts all over your home.

You can also have more wired-in smoke detectors than you can generally have in a pre-built home, and you have a lot of room for other home automation products and systems that you might not otherwise have.

Pre-wiring has to happen before your drywall goes up, so make sure you add that step to your list. Then, call us. A representative will come to your home, walk through your options, and mark the places where the installation team will need to get to work.

Then, the installation team will come out there and make sure you can have any and all security options that you want to have in your home. This is especially helpful for very large homes that might need extra attention.

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