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How to Prevent False Alarms

false-alarmsFalse alarms can be costly. In fact, the threat of false alarms is one of the reasons you need a permit to have an alarm system in Charlotte, NC.

Train everyone who will use your alarm system.

Most false alarms are a result of “user error.” So you should make sure that everyone who is going to be interacting with the alarm system knows exactly how to use it.

That means you need to train everyone living in the house. You also need to train any babysitters, house sitters, or other people who might be coming into your home to render services.

Check around the house.

Sometimes people don’t realize they’ve left a door slightly ajar before they set the alarm system. A good swift wind then either blows the door wider or closes it, and the alarm goes off. Since you’re trying to secure your home anyway it’s a good idea to walk around your house to make sure that everything is closed up before you set the alarm.

Keep your system in good repair.

Sometimes a poorly serviced system is prone to false alarms. So it’s a good idea to watch for warning lights and to call for service should you see any signs of trouble.

You should be especially careful to watch for signs that the battery is low. You’ll want to get that changed out as quickly as possible.

The one thing you don’t want to do is to stop arming your security system, even if you have had a false alarm. Your security system can’t keep you safe if you don’t arm it. Most problems are easy to fix.

If you’re ready to protect your home and family with a brand new monitored security system, call us. We’ll be happy to talk about your options–and we’ll be happy to train you on your new system to prevent false alarms, too.


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