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Will My Alarm System Work if the Power Goes Out?

BatteryIt doesn’t matter where you live. Eventually you’re probably going to face some kind of major power outage.

And one of the questions we get from concerned customers on a regular basis is what will happen to the alarm system in the event that the power goes out. After all, you don’t want to buy an alarm system only to feel like your home is at risk the first time a major storm blacks out half of the city power grid.

Fortunately, our alarm systems are designed very well, and they already account for this problem. Every alarm that we install comes with a large back-up battery that’s designed to kick on whenever the power goes out.

Now, a battery is a battery, so you do have to pay attention. Your keypad will start to alert you when the battery is low. At that point you’ll want to replace it.

But alarm system batteries can sit for years without needing any kind of replacement. They’re really very convenient in that regard.

Our carbon monoxide alarms also have backup batteries. After all, carbon monoxide is usually a larger risk when the power is out, so it wouldn’t make any sense for the system to be without some kind of battery back-up. In fact, all of the hard-wired, monitored equipment that we can install in your home will run to the battery back-up, meaning it’s there for you in any kind of weather.

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