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Protect Your Children with ID Kits

Child_ID_KitHere at JSB Security Solutions we’re concerned with protecting your family as well as your home and property.

That’s why, as we approach the New Year, we want to remind you that it’s a good time to think about creating or updating your child’s fingerprint and DNA kit. Take fresh fingerprints, get fresh DNA samples, and update your child’s photo.

While nobody wants to think about losing a child these kits can be some of the best ways to help law enforcement find your child in the event that the child runs away or is abducted.

The National Child Identification Program explains some of the scenarios in which fingerprints can help law enforcement find children. Fingerprints have a way of turning up! When they do, police get an alert and reunification with your child becomes possible.

These kits also include DNA information which can be helpful when it comes to locating missing children.

Once you’ve updated or started your kit make sure that you place it in a safe place that you can reach within a moment’s notice.

If you’ve never done this with your child before you’ll find that these kits can also provide a great opportunity to talk to your children about safety. There’s a lot to cover–we’ve come a long way from the days of “stranger danger!” You might want to talk about home alone safety, internet safety, and the importance of being truthful about one’s intended destination.

If you have a monitored alarm system it might be a good idea to help your children understand exactly how it works as well. The alarm system can keep your children safe and confident when they have to be home without you.

Don’t have one? If you live in the Charlotte, NC area why not call us to install your monitored alarm system before the New Year begins? There’s no greater resolution than securing the safety of your loved ones.


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