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5 Teens Invade Charlotte, NC Homes

home-invasionA home invasion is one of the scariest crimes that you could possibly be caught up in. While an inexperienced burglar might do his best to show up when you’re not at home, thus removing the possibility that anyone will get hurt, there is a class of far more dangerous criminal that will show up in your home with a deadly weapon, unconcerned with whether you’re home or not.

It gets even scarier when multiple criminals show up on the scene, as in the case of this recent Charlotte, NC home invasion. A team of five criminals broke into a Preservation Pointe Drive home while the owners slept. They were armed, and though they fled when the owners woke the story could have turned out very differently.

As it was, the owner took his life into his own hands by trying to chase down the criminals himself. They ultimately pulled a gun on him in response. The homeowner survived, but a split-second decision might have changed that outcome.

An armed, frightened criminal is a dangerous force to face alone. Someone who is willing to break into a home is already beyond reason and good sense. Some are downright malicious.

Some people don’t want to get alarm systems because they figure homeowners insurance will cover their things. And it’s true–many home owner’s insurance policies will cover you in the event of theft.

However, homeowners insurance can never replace lives. And lives are at stake when your home is unprotected. A home invasion can strike anywhere and at any time.

With a monitored home alarm system the police are on their way almost as soon as trouble strikes. Wouldn’t you like the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you won’t be left to your own devices should an armed intruder come to call?

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