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Charlotte Man Robbed as he Slept

charlotte-nc-breakinWhat would it feel like to wake up one morning only to realize someone had been in your home, taking your things as you slept? Feeling the dawning realization that if they’d wanted to harm you while they were there that it would have been easy to do so?

That’s just what happened to one Charlotte man in a recent burglary. A man came in and stole a flat screen television as the victim slept.

You can read the entire story here.

Imagine how differently this story would have gone had the victim had monitored alarm service! The burglar would have come through the door and the alarm would have immediately gone off, waking the homeowner up. Possibly the burglar would have been scared away and the incident would have ended right there.

If the incident hadn’t ended our homeowner would know that the police would be on their way in short order.

This homeowner is certainly fortunate that the burglar was only after some quick drug money. The police were even able to recover the television, so there was a happy ending and a quick arrest.

But that’s not always how these incidents go down. And this would have been even more frightening had there been children in the house.

An alarm system helps you ensure a happy ending.

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