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Protecting Your Loved Ones With Medical Alert Alarm Monitoring

medical-alert-monitoring“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

This iconic commercial draws a lot of ridicule. And that’s a shame, because falls are a serious problem for people aged 65 and older.

In fact, according to the CDC, almost 15,000 people age 65 and older die from falls every year. Falls are the leading injury-related cause of death in the United States.

Even if a fall doesn’t kill your loved one it could cause severe injuries, including traumatic brain damage and permanent bone damage. And when an elderly loved one lives alone these issues are exacerbated by their inability to call for help.

That’s why medical alert alarm monitoring is so crucial for elderly loved ones.

Sure, Mom or Dad may insist that they don’t need the help. They may even be offended if you suggest providing them with this type of monitoring service. And if they have additional health problems, especially chronic health problems, then a medical alert device becomes an absolute necessity.

However, you can point out to your parents that this service helps them maintain both their independence and their safety. Our 2Gig Medical Pendant can be worn conveniently in a number of ways, so that they’ll never even have to think about it unless they need it.

And if you’re elderly and thinking about this for yourself, please let me assure you that there’s no reason to feel embarrassed. You are taking a vital step in maintaining your own health, safety, and independence.

Are you ready to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having medical alert alarm monitoring services? If you live in the Charlotte, NC area, contact JSB today to discuss your services and options.


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