Providing Award-Winning Home Security Systems Crash and Smash Protection

smash-and-crashOne of the questions that we security professionals get on a regular basis is whether or not criminals can simply disable the security system by smashing the security panel before the alarm system sends a signal. Though it would be difficult to prevent a signal this way it’s not impossible, and in the past we would have had to allow that a criminal might indeed manage to do something like that.

However, all technologies are advancing, including alarm system technologies. And that means that the answer has totally changed.

“Crash and Smash” protection is a type of protection that sends an alarm signal the moment the system detects any tampering or destruction of any kind. That means the criminal can’t smash your panel without actually setting off the alarm system he’s trying to disable.

In fact, the alarm doesn’t just go off when this happens. You get a text right to your mobile device so that you know that something is going on.

So how does it work? In essence, the alarm system is now designed to alert the monitoring station if an entry does not generate the expected signals for any reason.

Are you interested in getting this kind of protection for your home? You’re in luck! JSB Security Solutions is an authorized dealer of technology in the Charlotte, NC area. Call us today if you are ready to protect your home and family with the cutting edge.


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