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Image SensorHow would you like the ability to visually “check in” with your property from anywhere in the world?’s image sensors give you the ability to take pictures of any room in your house and upload those pictures to a website or mobile device.

This means you get a quick snapshot of what’s going on in your home. It’s especially great for watching dog walkers, babysitters, or handymen who come into your home so that you know they’re doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing.

You can also make sure that your kids are actually in the house when they’re home alone, and that they’re safe and staying out of trouble.

These image sensors are motion activated, but they have total pet immunity–which means the technology is even available for those who have cats. It also has an LED flash camera so that you can take pictures at night.

You can set up schedules for the photographs so that you get the most useful pictures at the most important times of day. You can also request a snapshot any time you want.

This gives you the function of a CCTV video camera without all of the added expense, data storage concerns, and wiring needs. The image sensors are completely wireless, so you can just sort of pop them down anywhere you need to put them in your home.

JSB Security is the licensed dealer for Image Sensors in the Charlotte, NC area. If you’d like to explore all of the control and peace of mind that image sensors can give to you, give us a call today!


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