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It’s pretty easy for burglars to pick most modern day deadbolts. Some burglars even find it very easy to simply kick down doors.

This news video will show you just how easy it is for a burglar to pick a deadbolt with the “lock bump” technique.

Note that the lock bump technique works on 90% of the locks that are on most people’s homes.

And you should note that there are lock-bumping how-tos all over the Internet.

Now, the video offers a few high-quality normal deadbolt locks. But’s smart door locks provide an even better solution.

This product gives you total control of your door locks. You get text or e-mail alerts whenever someone unlocks the door. You also know who unlocked the door and when it was unlocked.

You can also tie these smart locks into your home security system. Arm the system and the door locks. Disarm it and it unlocks!

If you have latch-key kids they wouldn’t have to take their keys to school anymore, and you won’t have to try to find a safe place to hide the key outside. You can just give your kids a unique code that lets them come into the house when they need to. And you get the text alert that tells you that they came home and when they came home, which means you know they’re safe without having to make or take a personal call from work.

This is also a great product for people who go on vacation a lot. You can give a unique code to your pet sitter without having to make a copy of your key.

You’ll also know when each person leaves the home, which gives you additional control over what’s going on at all times.

We are the designated dealer in the Charlotte, NC area. If you’re interested in exploring all of the benefits of this technology then call us today for a consultation. We’ll be happy to talk about all of the ways that this unique product can protect your home and family!


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