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Hoarding Exacerbates Charlotte Fire

hoarding-charlotte-nc-fireThe Charlotte Fire Department recently covered a fire at 6410 Teague Lane. The fire fighters encountered what they call “Collyer’s Mansion” conditions inside of the home.

Collyer’s Mansion is the technical term for hoarding. If you’ve ever seen the show Hoarders you know what kinds of conditions were present inside of the home.

Hoarding creates fire hazards. It also makes it difficult for fire fighters to do their job.

Because of these conditions, firefighters faced the challenge of clutter impeding their access to reach the seat of the fire. A Ladder Company deployed to the roof and strategically cut a hole in the roof, allowing heat, smoke, and super-heated gases to escape. This procedure aids fire suppression efforts and is commonly referred to as topside or vertical ventilation.

The sum of (35) Charlotte Firefighters were resilient until the fire was knocked down and the incident was brought under control in 21 minutes. The home was a total loss and the family was left wondering where they would stay.

The fire started as a result of electrical problems.

There are several takeaways from this story for those who would like to keep their homes and families safe.

First, it’s important to keep your home free of clutter. It’s not necessary to be a “neat freak,” but it’s important to get rid of old trash when you can.

Second, electrical safety is incredibly important. Make sure that your wiring is up to date and that you aren’t running too many extension cords or overloading circuits.

Third, it takes a great deal of time to put out a fire–21 minutes in this case. Every second counts. That’s why monitored fire protection is so important. It allows firefighters to start making their way towards your home almost the moment the fire begins.

Are you ready to enjoy the peace of mind that monitored fire protection can bring? Let’s talk today! Contact us about our fire safety products and monitoring systems.


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