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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Crime Reports

Every week, The Charlotte Observer posts crime data on an interactive crime map. You can find your own street on this map and find out what kinds of crimes have been committed in your neighborhood.

Last week there were over 1,500 incidents. This data is, of course, based only on reported incidents, so you can guess that there were probably other incidents that never made it through the map.

Here is a snap-shot of a single week. As you can see, purple, which is “crimes against property,” dominates the map in every one of Charlotte’s neighborhoods.


The red markers indicate crimes against people. Blue indicates incidents with alcohol or drugs. Yellow indicates non-criminal incidents. Green indicates all other incidents.

You can see that any attempt to rely on your “safe neighborhood” will do little more than create a false sense of security. There is no such thing as a neighborhood that is so safe that it will never experience a burglary.

Some of the purple markers do indicate vandalism, credit card fraud, impersonations and other crimes. But do a little clicking and you’ll see plenty of burglaries and B&Es as well.

Take the time to look up your own street. Then ask yourself whether or not you are willing to leave your own safety and security to chance.

If you’re not, then contact us for a free security evaluation. We’ll talk over your options, evaluate the current status of your home, and help you create a security system package that works for your family!


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