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How to Get Homeowner’s Insurance Discounts

home-insuranceHomeowner’s insurance discounts can save you a great deal of money. And there are more ways to get them than you think.

Many of those ways involve making your home safer and more secure.

The first is to install a monitored home security system into your home. You can then contact your insurance agency with a copy of your monitoring agreement. This should be enough to qualify you for the discount.

If you add monitored home fire protection you can expect the discount to be even bigger.

However, we know you want to save all you can, so we took note of a few other safety-and-security related homeowner’s insurance credits that you can claim if they apply to you.

Gated Communities

You may not be able to do much about the home you’re in now. But the next time you go shopping for a home you might want to look for a gated community. indicates that you can save up to 20% on your Homeowner’s insurance by living in this sort of a safe neighborhood.

Of course, if you already live in a gated community, make sure your insurance agent knows about it, and make sure that you’re already getting the credit for it.

Homeowner’s Associations

You might as well put your HoA dues to work for you. Get a receipt from the HOA and use it to ask your agent about an HoA discount.

While an HoA isn’t exactly a Neighborhood Watch Association the members do often pay more attention to one another’s homes.

If you have an actual Neighborhood Watch Association, of course, your savings could be even higher. Don’t have one? Consider starting one! It’s not that hard, and it will keep everyone safer.

Gas and Water Detectors

You can outfit your home with high-tech gas and water detectors. Both of these will make your home safer, as either kind of leak can cause a safety hazard.

Some sensors will either turn off the gas or the water when there’s a problem, which can prevent expensive damage.

Monitored carbon monoxide detectors such as the ones JSB offers can also entitle you to a discount. Of course, they’re also worth having simply because they protect your family from an odorless, colorless, tasteless, silent killer, too.

Updated Locks

Nearly every home is outfitted with deadbolts as it is. But there are newer locks with additional keypad security.

These “smart locks” can also text you every time someone locks or unlocks the door, giving you an additional way to find out if there’s anything amiss in your home.

These Updates are Good for Your Home

Of course, many of these updates are important for a lot more than saving a couple of dollars on your homeowner’s policy. Your home is your most important asset, and your safety of far greater concern than a discount.

But the discounts are nice, too!

If you’re ready to start enjoying a few home security upgrades, call JSB. We help customers throughout the Charlotte, NC area protect their home and family, and we can help you, too.


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