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Why You Don’t Need a Land Line for a Monitored Home Security System

cellular-monitoringOnce upon a time, you needed to install a land line to get the full benefit of a monitored home security system. But technology has advanced since then.

The security systems that JSB installs use a built-in 4G cellular device. This device uses the 4G network to send signals to our monitoring center at the speed of light.

This 4G signal won’t affect your cell phone in any way. It won’t interfere with your signal and it won’t add to your bill.

This type of communications network offers real advantages. For one thing, the communications path is completely out of the reach of the burglar because it’s completely contained in your home. There are no phone lines for a burglar to cut.

Is there ever a danger from a loss of communications? Not at all. If the GSM device has a loss of communication the alarm monitoring center is notified. Then, we notify you.

If you had a land line we would not be able to offer this kind of a notification, simply because we’d have no way of knowing the phone line has gone down. There are signal tests for land lines, but they only happen once a month. That’s a long time to go without monitoring.

Note that we’re talking about cellular monitoring here, and not wireless alarm systems. Cellular monitoring refers to a communications pathway. A wireless alarm system is just an alternative to hardwiring the system in the home.

We install both hard wired and wireless security systems here in Charlotte, NC. We also do work with land lines if you happen to have one, but don’t think you have to purchase an additional service just to secure your home.


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