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A Monitored Smoke Detector is the Best Smoke Detector

best-smoke-detectorChoosing the best smoke detector that you can is very important if you want to protect your biggest investment (your home) from a fire. Yet the “best smoke detector” is less about the model and the brand and more about what happens when that smoke detector goes off.

First, let’s talk about your standard smoke detector. When a standard, battery-operated smoke-detector goes off you hear a noise.

That noise may alert you to get out of the house, but that’s all. You’re on your own for calling the fire department.

And, of course, if you’re not home, that noise doesn’t do anything at all. Your neighbors are unlikely to hear it and they’re unlikely to pay attention to it even if they do hear it. Thus, when you’re not home, a standard smoke detector does not actually do anything to protect your home.

You also have to deal with a host of headaches when you have a standard, battery-operated smoke detector.

For example, you have to deal with changing the batteries every couple of months. And you have to deal with the inevitable false alarms, such as when you burn up your dinner or steam up the bathroom.

Now let’s talk about what happens when you have a hard-wired, monitored smoke detector in your home.

The hardwired, monitored smoke detector still makes a noise. But it also dials the fire department.

That means you can focus on getting out of the house, knowing that help is coming. That help will be there a lot faster than it would be if you had to call the fire department yourself. And in a fire, seconds count.

If you’re not home, that call to the fire department still happens. And it saves more of your home and property. It may even save the lives of your pets, who are not capable of calling the fire department even though they would hear the noise of the smoke detector.

Hardwired, monitored smoke detectors also come equipped with heat detectors. That means that they know when a fire is actually happening. They don’t bother you when you’re cooking or taking a shower.

And there are no annoying batteries to change. Your smoke-heat detectors are always quietly working, protecting your home without providing you with a new hassle.

Remember, hardwired, monitored smoke detectors usually pay for themselves by entitling you to hefty homeowner’s insurance discounts. If you live in the Charlotte, NC area, contact JSB Security today. We’ll get your new hardwired, monitored smoke detectors installed quickly so that you can protect your biggest investment: your home.


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