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How to Improve Home Window Security

home-window-securitySlowing a criminal down is a big part of home security. Increasing the amount of time that it takes a criminal to get into and out of your home increases the criminal’s risk while decreasing your risk of losing your property (or your life).

One way that you can do this is by strengthening your windows. There’s no doubt that windows represent a weak point in your home, as do any other glass areas (such as decorative glass inserts around your doors which may provide easy access to your locks).

Thus, it’s important to improve your home window security as soon as you can once you’ve taken the initial step of adding a monitored home security system to your home.

Screw Type Window Locks

I’ve discussed screw-type window locks before. They really do a lot to improve your home security, and they pay for themselves in homeowner’s insurance discounts. They make it a lot harder to simply slip in and open up your window.

Break Detectors

A glass break is a sensor that’s tied into your monitored alarm system. It detects the sound of breaking glass and sets off your alarm the moment that it happens.

Usually they’re placed near sliding glass doors, but you can place them in any room where you have a very large or very vulnerable window. They generally cover the entire room.

Security Window Film

Security film is a clear film that you apply to the inside of your windows. When applied correctly, the film makes it difficult to break your glass enough for a criminal to get through.

The film also holds your glass together in the event of severe weather, making it a good investment for two reasons!

It All Starts with a Monitored Home Security System

None of these measures matter if you don’t have a monitored home security system. Simply put, a monitored home security system is the best way to keep your home safe from criminals.

If you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, call JSB. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free home security consultation so that you can protect your home and family today.


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