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Does Living in a “Good Neighborhood” Protect You From Crime?

nice-neighborhoodAs security consultants we often get to come face to face with people’s assumptions about what makes them safe. One of the ones we hear a lot is, “I live in a great neighborhood. Nobody’s going to rob us here.”

But what does a nice neighborhood tell a burglar?

A nice neighborhood tells a burglar the following:

  • Most people will be at work during the day, leaving him with plenty of time to get in and get out.
  • Most people will assume that someone who is at a home belongs there, because the neighborhood is nice. They’re more likely to think an unfamiliar truck or van belongs to a repairman or a visiting relative than a burglar.
  • The houses are more likely to contain nice things that are easy to liquidate, such as jewelry, electronics, and even cash.
  • The people who live in these homes may be lax about security because they believe nothing will happen.

In short, a nice home in a nice neighborhood looks a little bit like a department store to a criminal.

However, burglars aren’t going to work their way through every home in your neighborhood. They’re going to choose the targets that look the easiest to attack. You can prevent your home from looking like an attractive target by installing a monitored home security system.

A security sign in your front yard tells a burglar that there are easier targets on your street. Yes, some burglars do know how to disable some security systems, but the need to do so will create an extra risk for that criminal. Criminals don’t like risk. They’d prefer to take the path of least resistance, going for the easiest targets they can find.

Of course, a sign alone won’t help you. Remember that a criminal might watch a home for quite a bit of time before deciding to make a move. Some criminals even find reasons to come inside your home, and many crimes are “inside jobs” performed by someone who is familiar to you. That means that they are likely to know whether you’ve just stuck a sign outside or whether you are dealing with a serious monitored security system connected to a call center full of people who are ready to call you and the police if something goes wrong.

That’s why it’s not enough to simply pretend to have a home security system. You need to have one, and you need to use it correctly.

How safe is your home? If you live in Charlotte, NC then call us at (704) 837-4013 to get your free home security assessment. We’ll be happy to show you how to make your home a harder target, one that criminals will prefer to leave alone.


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