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Why Home Automation?

Home_Automation_JSB_SecurityBack in the day it was only in movies that lights could be turned on and doors unlocked at the touch of a wireless button and when someone knocked on the door the person inside could watch them on a screen and talk to them over an intercom. Depending on how far back you go the technology didn’t exist or it wasn’t widely available to the average everyday person.

When PCs were introduced into society they were novelty machines that only the more affluent members of society could afford. Now it’s not uncommon to see young children walking around with smartphones or tablets that are immensely more powerful than the original PCs and much more affordable. With rapid changes in technology, “cool” but unbelievably advanced technologies have become reality for not just the rich and famous but for the average everyday person.

Back in the day home automation was more of a 007 fantasy that seemed so farfetched that most people never considered that their home could feasibly have some of the same features as James’ home.

Home automation today is more feasible and attainable than many people realize.

Think of the incredible little device you carry in your pocket and that you spend hours browsing the web, liking photos, watching and sharing videos and letting everyone know what you ate for lunch.

Now imagine rushing into work already late and frazzled and remembering that you forgot to lock the door on your way out and you know that your kids will be home from school before you. You pray nobody comes into your home and robs you but more worrisome is the thought that someone could actually still be in the house when your kids do get home. And to top it all off you remember the power bill you opened the night before that was almost double what it had been the month before because you keep forgetting to turn down the thermostat when you leave for work, and of course you again forgot to turn the AC down again this morning only adding to your already hectic and stressful day.

Now think of what home automation could mean for you on this rushed and stressful morning. You get to work late and remember that you didn’t lock the door and the kids will be home before you. You also forgot to turn the AC down so it’s running and racking up your power bill while you’re not even there to enjoy it. But then you remember that handy little device you carry in your pocket and spend so much time on. You pull the nifty powerful little device out of your pocket and open an app. In just a few clicks you’ve turned down your thermostat, saving you from paying for un-enjoyed AC.  You’ve locked the door and turned on your home security system. You activate the video camera in your living room to make sure everything is how you left it. Your motion and image sensors are set and ready to detect any movement in your home giving you the peace of mind that your kids will return to a safe and secure home. But your peace of mind doesn’t stop there because when your kids do get home and disable the alarm you will receive a notification on that nifty little device letting you know they are home safe and sound. On top of that you can see if they forget to lock the door and or rearm the system and if they have you can do it right there from the app. After they’ve been home for a while you decide to activate the living room camera and watch a live feed to see if the kids are doing their homework like they are supposed to be.

A little while later you get another notification that someone is at your door. You swipe the notification and your doorbell camera reveals a solicitor trying to sell you the next greatest vacuum. You tell the stranger you are busy cooking dinner and can’t come to the door but thank him anyway. He leaves thinking you are home with the kids.

What started out as a stressful morning—and could have turned into a stress-filled day worrying about all the things you couldn’t control—turned out to be a normal day with your peace of mind about your home and family still intact.

These are just a few things a home automated system can do for the average everyday person who never thought their home would ever have some of the things Bond had up his sleeve.

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