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Watch Out for Low Tech ID Theft on Boxing Day

ID TheftDecember 26th is often a busier retail day than most people imagine. There are after-Christmas sales to attend, there’s often Christmas money to spend, and many people are returning presents that they received.

The hustle and the bustle provides many opportunities for the unscrupulous. There’s so much going on that it’s easy for them to take advantage of the situation to commit thefts, not just of items and cash, but of information as well.

Here are a few tips. Most of these are good tips to keep at mind any time you are out and about.

Stop carrying your social security card in your wallet./span>

Pickpockets still exist. They’re not confined to movies about the middle ages. You have to carry your driver’s license, but you don’t have to give a potential thief your SSN too.

Write “Check ID” on Credit Cards

Yeah, we know it’s a pain to dig out your ID every time you want to use your credit card. It’s a real pain for thieves to do that too. This will slow them down a little bit if they actually get their hands on your card.

Pay Attention to Cell Phone Behavior

Chances are, everyone’s going to be standing around with their cell phones. However, if someone is standing near you holding their phone up instead of typing into it or swiping across it then you might want to be extra careful about anything you pull out of your wallet or purse.

Check Next Month’s Credit Card Statements Immediately

This is the time to check for unfamiliar purchases. Don’t pay for someone else’s holiday shopping spree. Chances are you probably have enough to worry about when it comes to paying your own.

ID theft can take years to correct, and sometimes thieves get your information in ways you might not expect. Be careful out there!


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