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Don’t Let Burglars Steal Christmas

What's in the box? A burglar does not even care. He wants it.

What’s in the box? A burglar does not even care. He wants it.

Christmas is a burglar’s busiest time of year. Homes are often left vulnerable and unattended. Packages are often right there in the window for potential thieves to see.

Sadly, few people take the security precautions that could give them holiday peace of mind.

Fortunately, you’re reading this blog, which means you’re more likely to have a happy, safe holiday.

Secure Garden Sheds and Garages

A lot of people hide their Christmas gifts in garden sheds and garages, which are rarely locked down as tightly as the house is. If you’re going to put something in the shed then make sure it’s got a good, sturdy padlock on it.

Draw the Curtains

So you’ve placed all of your packages under that bright, shiny tree. Then you went out for dinner, or to a Christmas party, leaving the curtains wide open so that the neighbors could see your festive holiday decoration.

Unfortunately, you’re also showing burglars that you’ve got a nice stash which they might want to get their hands on. So draw the curtains, even when you’re at home. Decorate outside of the home if you want to brighten your neighbor’s day.

Don’t Advertise your Location

We’ve already talked about the pitfalls of announcing your location on social media sites. This gets even more dangerous if you’re casually talking about your upcoming plans to be out of town, or what you’re doing while you’re visiting your family three states away.

Remember, many burglaries are “inside jobs,” perpetuated by someone known to you.

Update Your Home Security System

A monitored home alarm system will act as a deterrent to most burglars, who will be encouraged to take their Grinch act elsewhere. If they don’t notice the system then they’ll be greeted with a shrieking alarm. If they don’t clear out fast, they’ll be greeted by the sight of angry police officers ready to take them down.

Tis the season, and tis not too late. Call JSB for your free home security evaluation today.


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