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How to Prevent Front Porch Burglaries

package theftTis the season for package delivery. We’d all love to think that the mail is sacrosant, but unfortunately, front porch burglaries happen all the time.

They also pick up during the holiday season, as a tempting box is more likely to contain a treasure.

You’ve got a busy life, so you can’t be home to pick up your packages every time you’re expecting one. Fortunately, there are other ways to ensure that you don’t lose your deliveries.

Require a Signature

If you’re ordering packages or sending them to other people you should make a note to require “signature on delivery.” Most e-commerce store will allow you to add notes to your order, and that is usually where you would put that information.

This means the delivery process might not be as convenient, as the driver may not arrive when you’re home. Ultimately, you may have to go pick up some packages from the post office or the UPS store. However, you’ll avoid offering burglars a window of opportunity to run off with your stuff.

Ask a Trusted Neighbor for Help

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a trustworthy neighbor who is home all day. However, if you are this lucky then you should consider asking this worthy individual to bring your packages inside of his or her house for you to pick up later.

You might even start sending the packages to the neighbor’s, if you trust that he or she will call you and let you know when you need to pick something up. Of course, it’s probably a good idea to do something nice for your neighbor in return.

Add Surveillance Cameras

Add surveillance cameras to your front porch and add signage which prominently warns potential burglars that they’re on camera. Some won’t pay attention. They’ll run off with your items anyway, but you’ll have evidence which might help get them caught and put away.

Some will pay attention, however, and if so, you’ve saved yourself a hassle.

There are always going to be Grinches out there, but you aren’t helpless. Stay aware of the potential threats to ensure that you and your family have a happy, safe holiday season.


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