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Charlotte Family Loses “Electronic Treasure Trove”

charlotte electronic thiefA burglar took thousands of dollars in electronics from one Charlotte, NC family. But the joke may be on the burglar in this case.

This homeowner had the foresight to install surveillance cameras in his home. That means the crime was caught on tape, which should help police find the culprit that much faster.

The homeowner was away at work, but his second set of eyes– a good surveillance camera– was in position to document every moment of the crime.

It was just past 8:00 p.m. on Belfast Drive in West Charlotte. Three men make the front door explode off its hinges. It must have taken quite a large amount of force.

“I’m thinking they used just their shoulders,” said CMPD Officer Tori Roddey, “but they knocked the door down pretty good.”

90 seconds after the break-in, one man looks out to see if the coast is clear. Shortly thereafter, a large flat-screen TV goes out the door. And that wasn’t all.

“Couple of tv’s, cameras, laptops, tablets, and an x-box game system.”

The question is, did these crooks know about the amount of electronic devices inside the home?

“That’s why they could possibly could have been casing this case, Paul.”

These three men took their sweet time ransacking the place– they were inside for eight full minutes. And they may have had an accomplice outside.

“What what we’re thinking is, there’s a fourth guy, because according to the cameras the guy had outside, a car pulled up and they signaled, so we’re thinking there’s this fourth guy that never went in.”

You can get surveillance cameras for your own home by calling JSB Security today. However, we also recommend that you consider one of our monitored burglar alarms.

Did you note how the men had eight minutes to take all of these electronics? They’d have fled if the alarm had rung. If the surveillance camera were in the right place they’d be on camera too, and they committed a crime the moment they tried to enter.

This homeowner might not get his electronics back, surveillance system or no surveillance system. He might be able to file a claim with his insurance company, but that might effect his premiums.

We do applaud him, however, for adding at least one layer of security to his system mix.

How about you? Charlotte, NC has always been a high crime area. If you don’t have your own surveillance cameras or monitored burglar alarms then you might not have what you need to protect yourself. Contact us to remedy this situation, so that you can keep your own “treasure trove” right where it belongs.


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