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Black Friday Safety Tips

Fiery black friday sale design with shopping bag. Eps10.Are you shopping on Black Friday this week? If so, you might want to pay attention to some basic safety rules.

Black Friday thefts are common. Violent incidents and crazy, “mob like” rampages over hot items are starting to become even more common.

It’s sad that a day that should be devoted to finding great gifts for family members and friends can turn into such a dark, depressing event. However, we know that human nature is imperfect, and the best thing you can do is commit to having fun while doing everything you can do to stay safe.

  1. Don’t buy more than you can carry. It’s easy for a thief to perform a snatch and grab while you’re shuffling dozens of bags.
  2. Watch out for pick pockets. They still exist! Keep your purse close. Keep your wallet in an inner pocket.
  3. Have your keys out when you head to your vehicle. Be ready to hit the panic button if you have one. You can also use keys as a makeshift weapon if you need them.
  4. Put your packages in your trunk if you’re not going straight home.
  5. Make sure your cell phone is on and fully charged. It could be a serious lifesaver in the event of a major emergency.
  6. Shop in groups. There’s safety in numbers.
  7. If you see signs of mob behavior, get out of there. There is no “perfect gift” or “awesome deal” that’s worth getting trampled or assaulted.

Of course, there’s plenty of safety in just staying home and shopping online, which many people do recommend. Still, we can appreciate the desire to get into the holiday spirit by getting out there into the stores.

We just want you to be safe about it.


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