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Thanksgiving Turkey Safety

Deep Fried TurkeyDid you know that most of the fires that start during the holiday season start on Thanksgiving day? Most of the time, something goes wrong when people are trying to cook their turkeys.

That’s why we wanted to take just a few moments to make sure you knew exactly how to stay safe on Thursday.

Turkey in the Oven

Most of the time turkey fires start in the oven because the pan is too small. Most people put oil in the pan.

What happens is that the oil gets displaced and slops out of the side of the pan when people are putting it in the oven. It hits the heating element and starts a grease fire.

If you don’t own a pan large enough for your bird then it’s a good idea to get a disposable pan. And use less oil.

If a fire does start, you want to avoid using water to put it out. Shut the oven door and turn it off. The fire will burn itself out inside of the oven.

If you use water you’ll cause an exploding grease fire which is likely to catch on you and the whole kitchen.

Turkey in the Deep Fryer

Deep fryer dangers start right around the time people start looking into defrosting their turkey. You should always just defrost it on the counter, overnight. Don’t take it out to the front yard and hose it down.

Otherwise, you’re putting a waterlogged turkey into a vat of hot grease. We’ve already seen how water and grease and heat interact with one another. There’s a big risk that you’ll start a fire.

Next, you want to make sure that you didn’t overfill the deep fryer with oil. Remember, the turkey is going to raise the oil level once it’s in there. Be very slow and very deliberate as you lower the turkey into the fryer. Again, you don’t want to slop hot oil onto a heating element.

The video below will sort of freak you out with just how quickly these deep fryer grease fires can turn into this huge fire ball of danger.

Make sure you choose a good cooking location. The garage is a bad place to be if something does go wrong.

Finally, make sure you get a fire extinguisher if you don’t have one already. If you have one out by your deep fryer or in your kitchen you can take control of a fire really quickly. The contents of a fire extinguisher do not react badly with grease.

Stay safe, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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