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Scam Alert: Con Artists Misusing Medical Alert Devices

medical alert scamThere’s a new telemarketing scam out there. The scammers call up seniors and either try to push them into buying a medical alert pendant or try to trick them into giving up vital pieces of information so that they can get money out of them later.

Either way, seniors are not told that they’re signing up on any kind of contract, or that they’re supposed to be paying any kind of monthly fee. The scammers aren’t after monthly money. They want $300 or $500 right away.

Many seniors refuse the pendant over the phone. The telemarketers send them out anyway, and then call them up to threaten legal action for a contract these seniors never signed. They call day and night, every day, until the weary senior just pays up to makes them go away.

You can read the full story of this shameful scam right here.

Medical alert pendants save lives when you purchase them through a reputable monitoring service. Consider this 2010 story from

Veteran journalist Daniel Schorr was putting his shoes on when the stool collapsed, slamming his head into the bedroom doorframe at his Washington, D.C., home. Bleeding profusely, he called out to his wife several times, but she was making breakfast downstairs with the radio on and didn’t hear him.

Schorr, then 93 and a senior news analyst for National Public Radio, pushed the button on his medical emergency alert pendant. Within seconds his wife, Lisbeth, 79, received a call from a George Washington University Hospital operator who said, “We got an alert signal. Is anything wrong?” Lisbeth ran upstairs and found Daniel lying in a growing pool of blood. The operator stayed on the line while Lisbeth stanched the bleeding enough to help her husband into the car and to the emergency room.

You don’t want to let scammers stop you from purchasing a system if you or a loved one needs one. You just need to know the difference between the scammer’s methods, and professional methods.

First, professionals don’t use telemarketers to sell systems over the phone, and we don’t send anything through the mail. You can call us to set up an appointment with one of our specialists. Our representatives do door knocking campaigns as well, but you can always check their badge number on our website before you let them in to be absolutely certain that you are dealing with a real JSB employee.

We walk you through all of the paperwork. You’ll always know how much you’ll be paying every month, how long the agreement is meant to last, and what you’re getting out of it.

Finally, we always send a licensed installation technician to install your system. The system is more than the pendant. It’s also the base station, which needs to be installed properly in order to work correctly. After all, if your pendant isn’t capable of calling the monitoring center then it’s not going to help you when something goes wrong.

If you’re interested in a legitimate medical alert pendant, call JSB today. Steer clear of scammers by refusing to give out any personal information on any unsolicited phone call.


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