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Most Homeowners Are Not Prepared for Fires

Not Prepared for FireA 2014 Service Master Restore survey indicates that most homeowners are completely unprepared for fires. Frankly, these statistics scare us.

  • 97% of all homeowners say they’re not prepared to handle a cooking fire.
  • 94% of homeowners say they do not have a fire evacuation plan.
  • 85% of homeowners say they don’t own a fire extinguisher.

Every year, 3,500 people die in fires, and 17,500 more are injured. There are approximately 1,389,500 fires each year. These fires cause $11.7 billion in damage. And 45.7 of those are cooking fires. (Source:

Let’s reverse these trends. Fire is a risk that we all face every day. Most of us cook at least a little bit of food every week. It’s important to pay attention to fire safety.

Start by getting an updated fire extinguisher for your kitchen. You should also take the time to put together a solid evacuation plan for every member of your family.

Hardwired, monitored smoke detectors are the best way to bring the fire department fast, so your home suffers less damage in the event that something does happen.

They’re also more reliable, so your family gets out quicker in the event that the fire is caused by something you’re not right there to see, like a dryer lint fire.

Please don’t take chances. You put on your seat belt every time you get in the car. You put your kids in car seats, even if you don’t expect to get into a wreck.

Fire safety is exactly the same thing. Most of the time you drive to work without incident–but you’ll be glad you took the precaution on the day that something does go wrong.


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