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How to Keep Your Home Safe on Halloween

HalloweenA lot of Halloween safety articles focus on the safety of the trick-or-treaters. But your home could easily become a casualty in the holiday fun.

Last year we devoted equal time to talking about the home and talking about the kids who were out there having fun. This year we wanted to really focus in on your home’s safety so that we could offer a few more in-depth, important tips.

The biggest dangers on Halloween are generally fire, vandalism, and theft.

Protect Your Home From Fire

Are you still using “old school” jack-o-lanterns with candles inside of them? We’d like to urge you to rethink that decision.

A candle on a front porch is just an accident waiting to happen. Someone could trip over your pumpkin, send the candle flying, and start a blaze right on your front porch.

These days there are plenty of safe, battery operated lantern lights that you could use. We recommend switching your candles out for these. They provide more consistent light in windy conditions in any case.

Protect Your Home From Vandals

There are a couple of ways to combat vandals.

First, you want to remove tempting targets. Your car should go into the garage. If you have decorations you should keep them close to the house instead of putting them right out near the street. Some vandals simply go for targets of opportunity.

Next, youu should think about lighting. Motion lights are good, but continuous lighting is even better. Vandals use the cover of darkness to work their mischief.

Protect Your Home From Thieves

Halloween theft usually happens after all the trick-or-treaters go home, and they’re often thefts of opportunity. Why? Because many home owners forget to lock their doors after trick-or-treat is done, and they forget to arm their security systems, too!

We know why this happens. Homeowners have opened their doors over a hundred times that night. They get tired of locking it and unlocking it. They get tired of arming and rearming their system. Then, they forget all about it when the doorbell stops ringing.

That’s why we recommend that most homeowners sit out on their front porch with the candy bowl if they plan to give candy away. This also reduces the chances of vandals or other trouble, since you can see who is approaching the house and they can see that the home is being watched.

Then, at the end of the night you simply walk inside, lock the door, arm your system, and go about your evening.

We here at JSB Security wish all of you a happy and safe Halloween!


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