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Does Your Business Have Adequate Fire Protection?

Bakery FireIf you are a business owner you’ve already got a ton of things to think about. So we’re not going to judge you if you just slapped whatever smoke detectors and sprinkler systems the fire inspector wanted out of you into your establishment’s ceiling before moving on to the next issue on your To Do list.

We are, however, going to gently request that you rethink that decision. Those tools may not be up to the challenge.

Just ask the owner of the Fourth Ward Bread Company, who experienced a major fire last month.

Numerous calls came in to 911 shortly before midnight from people reporting a fire at the Fourth Ward Bread Company…Firefighters arrived within minutes and found flames and smoke coming from the sides of the building…70 firefighters under the command of Battalion Chief Brian Kurzel brought the fire under control in a little less than an hour.

Crews were able to prevent the blaze from spreading to adjacent buildings, authorities said.

…Investigators determined the cause of the fire was accidental, due to an electrical short in a kitchen appliance…damage was estimated at $500,000.”

The Charlotte Observer

We are definitely sympathetic to these fellow business owners. We hope that the bakery recovers from this tragedy.

We also noted a few important takeaways which can help you prevent a similar situation.

First, you can’t rely on your sprinkler system. Electrical fires can’t be put out with water. If you find yourself facing an electrical fire that sprinkler system of yours will be utterly useless.

Second, while it’s great to see good samaratins calling 911, it’s likely they didn’t notice the fire fast enough to make a huge difference. Meanwhile, one of our hardwired smoke and heat detectors could have been making sure the fire department got called while the blaze was still confined to the kitchen.

Remember–normal smoke detecotrs only help if you’re around to hear them go off. If you’re not, the building could be half gone before anyone notices the problem. Monitored fire alarms are a business necessity.


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