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How Your Alarm System Can Help You Save Money

EnergyManagementYou’ve heard your grandmother’s age old wisdom. In the summer, turn up the thermostat when you leave the house.

In the winter, turn down the thermostat when you leave the house.

It’s good advice, but it’s a little out of date. You see, most lives are a bit more complex than that.

The idea behind it is that you’re going to avoid heating or cooling the house when nobody is there. But what happens when your kids get home ahead of you?

What happens when you pop home for lunch? Are you going to turn the thermostat down and then up again, or are you going to sit through temperatures that are less than comfortable while you eat?

What about all those times you forget to touch your thermostat at all? You walk right out the door without adjusting the temperature, and you run up your energy bill because you’re too busy or distracted to think about it (as most of us are).

This is where your alarm system comes in. You see, our 2 Gig Go Control can work with our 2 Gig Thermostats to help you manage your energy use. This is because your alarm system knows when people are actually home.

The alarm system can record this data, and it can offer you personalized recommendations which will help you program your thermostat better. In fact, you should be more comfortable too, as you can set your thermostat to start cooling or heating the home a few moments before you arrive, so that you don’t have to endure any discomfort while you’re waiting for the system to catch up with your presence.

Hey, some people are very temperature sensitive, and this really matters. I know I am. I like coming in to a blast of cold air when it’s super hot outside, for example. A house that’s just a little cooler, bordering on stuffy, just doesn’t get it for me.

And you can manage all of this from your PC or smart phone, too!

This is not the main reason why you’d get a security system of course. But it is yet another way that your security system can save you money and make your home better.

Wondering how to get started? Call JSB today to set up your free home audit! We’ll show you all of the ways that we can secure and improve your home. You may even be elligible for up to $1300 of free equipment…which means you save even more money.


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